Solar Ventures is and independent Power producer and developer focused on the construction, financing, and managing of utility scale plants with a strong expertise in Italy, Europe and the emerging markets where is active since 2008.

The company stands today as an integrated solar platform operating in southern Europe with focus on market parity projects.

Solar Ventures gathers into a single company the different industrial, financial and technical capabilities and know-how with regard the management of the development of a PV plant. Thanks its consolidated know –how and network, Solar Ventures guarantees a flexible and diversified services offering characterized by an high level of professionalism and entrepreneurial approach.


Project Development

Since early beginning of the single development phase, Solar Ventures implements an extensive approach in order to analyze and optimize the technical and financial performance of PV Plant in the long-term. Therefore the development, is consider not only in the technical aspects of the single PV plants but, includes all the other key elements as regulatory, geo-political, economic and financial elements as well the analysis regarding the electrical network and the connection to the grid.

Financing & PPA

During the development phase Solar Ventures is able to gather both own and third capital leveraging on its extensive network of international financial institutions- not only banks and DFI but also suppliers and EPC providers. This will guarantee the successful completion of the projects according the timetable and the project cost budget. Solar Ventures knowledge and experience in the management of complex due diligence process also guarantee the development of the project according “bankability standard” with an high level of success in the financing.

Solar Ventures focus its attention on scouting, selecting and negotiating long term purchase power agreements (PPA) with reputable and strong counterparties fully bankable.
PPAs guarantee a long term stabilized revenue stream, reducing the overall risk of the project.



Since 2007 Solar Ventures is involved in the construction of its projects with a management and supervision of the EPC providers.

Solar Ventures has built over the past year a network with the major players in the PV market with the idea , since early beginning, to keep the company independent in order to able to select the most advanced and tailor made technical solutions. The total independency is a key element not only to ensure the best technical performance of the PV plants but also the best offer in terms of price.

Leveraging on its entrepreneurial approach Solar Ventures is able to optimize the construction phase of a PV plants including:

  • selection of Key components
  • selection of EPC contractors in line with the characteristics and the geographical location of the projects
  • EPC negotiation according international best practice
  • supervision of the construction phase, not only on the technical aspects but also on the environmental and job security issues.
  • the connection on the electricity network
  • testing of the PV Plants
  • operational management of the PV plants

Plant management

Solar Ventures is one of the few players to leverage a 10 years’ experience in the development and managing PV Plants. Over the past years Solar Ventures has fine-tuned a complex management system to gather operational excellence principles for the team and the senior management.
All the aspects are managed and revised periodically to ensure the optimization of the technical and financial performance as well as of all the aspects regarding administrative law, environmental and job security. The day by day maintenance of the PV Plants is also matched with a continuous improvement of the procedures and the human resourced involved.
All the stakeholders are involved in the management of the PV plant and therefore aligned to reach an continuous performance improvement.