Solar Venture is an IPP (Independent Power Producer) and developer focus on development, construction and financing of PV utility scale plants on global basis , with a particular focus on the Emerging Markets where is active since 2008


3 MWp portfolio connected to the grid
Managed as a sponsor the first Project financing in Italy


Beginning of International Activities

2009 - 2011

120 MWp PV plants developed in Italy
43 MWp Operating Portfolio in Italy

2012 - 2013

Completion of the development in France (27MWp), Turkey (50Mwp) and Thailand (82 MWp)
Joint Ventures in Italy for the Italian market with a primary trading company in Japan

2014 - 2015

Completion of the development in Jordan (60 MWp).
Increase of the operating Portfolio in Italy with the acquisition of PV plants in the secondary market
Scouting for the international development in the emerging markets.

2016 - 2017

Focus on the development in the South East Asia and MENA.

2018 - 2020

Focus on southern Europe for market parity projects

Solar Ventures has started its activity in 2005 with a leverage on the expertise of their founders in the Venture Capital, Private Equity and Renewables Energy.

Thanks to a multi-disciplinary team , with engineers, finance experts and lawyers with a consolidated experience in the PV market, Solar Ventures has capitalized an efficient approach in the development with an optimization of the operating and financial performance of the single PV Plants.

Each project detail is supervised by the senior management in each phase of the development ensuring the quality and success of the PV plants over a long-period. The performance and the security of our plants are guaranteed by the attention on in the suppliers selection, in the project management and in the monitoring and management of the operational phase.

Solar Ventures is recognized as an Italian leader in the PV Market where has developed one of the biggest portfolio of 120 MWp.

A portfolio diversification in terms of size and geographic location has been completed with different technologies.

Since 2008 Solar Ventures has focused the development outside Italy. Initially in France and subsequently in the Emerging Markets in MENA and South East Asia (including Turkey, Jordan, Thailand, …).

At present Solar Ventures has focused its activity in the development, construction and operation of new market parity PV plants in southern Europe – firstly in Italy and Spain -, where the strong technology cost reduction allow solar to compete (…and win…) with other energy sources.